My work will be showing at the Yew Tree Gallery  in September 2018 more details soon. 

I will also be represented in the sculpture garden at the newly curated Cornwall Art and Design Fair this September 

Form and Formality

Workshop news: two spaces available for 23rd August and one space for 22nd October.  See workshop page.

Commissions welcome.  Contact or use the contact page.



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  1. anik-chaima Appert-Ligonnet avatar

    I really like your work very personnal….

  2. Tracy Francis avatar
    Tracy Francis Nov 9, 2010

    Hi Helen.  Your work is beautiful and very inspirational. Your site has cheered me up on this rainy afternoon in Essex, whilst taking a break from my design work.

  3. Joel Schuler avatar
    Joel Schuler Nov 25, 2010

    Helen, I have to tell you that I think your work is the most fantastic I have ever seen.  Your use of texture, color, and shape are masterful.  I envy you for the materials you have access to.  I have never seen such beauty. Absolutely inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Colette avatar
    Colette Jan 15, 2011

    really have loved your use of shape and material

  5. Karen D avatar
    Karen D Apr 1, 2011

    Helen, I’m so impressed and awed by your work! Keep it up!

  6. sarah smith avatar
    sarah smith May 15, 2011

    I have promised myself that one day I will have one of your pieces of garden furniture! I have just put a link on my website to yours. It’s beautiful work.

  7. jocelyne avatar
    jocelyne May 18, 2011

    I love all your work, materials used are fabulous!!
    it’s so beautiful!!!
    greets from France

  8. Andjelka Radojevic avatar
    Andjelka Radojevic May 18, 2011

    I love your work!

  9. Rika Hemachandra avatar
    Rika Hemachandra Sep 2, 2011

    Hi there,
    I just came across your website on one of the blogs, and I have to say I think your sculptures are amazing! The colors are gorgeous!

  10. Janet A.lthoff avatar
    Janet A.lthoff Oct 2, 2011

    I always need several drool rags when I see your amazing art!!!  HUGE FAN!  Would love to see you and your work in person one of these days!!  :)  :) 

  11. Malcolm Skipp avatar
    Malcolm Skipp Dec 3, 2011

    Love your mosaics Helen. A very distinctive style all of your own. Really like the combination of materials you use,

  12. Gisela avatar
    Gisela Jan 6, 2012

    Wonderful, inspired, artist’s eye candy. It’s a total love thing…

  13. hardwoodfloorrefinishers avatar

    Very nice images i really love this site

  14. diane marie kramer avatar
    diane marie kramer Mar 17, 2012

    Helen, You work always leaves me with such a good feeling and is food for my soul.
    May you always stay creative….
    you are such a genuine and fabulous artist!!!!

  15. diane kramer avatar
    diane kramer Apr 27, 2012

    Helen, I love your work. I wish one day to see it in real life….
    there is so much to take in! you create some really unique works of art…each one holds it punch!
    all the best to you!
    di aka She Wolf

  16. Fran├žoise FONTES avatar
    Fran├žoise FONTES Jul 15, 2012

    Je trouve ton travail MAGNIFIQUE, SUPERBE

  17. Diana avatar
    Diana Sep 14, 2012

    Your work is wonderful!  Beyond wonderful. Inspiring!

  18. Nikki avatar
    Nikki Nov 8, 2012

    Hi Helen. I am the lucky person who now has your lovely horse, through winning the Art at the Edge lottery. I am so enjoying it having fallen in love with it when invigilating the show in Bath. I am in awe how you manage to mix glass and metals so beautifully. I would love to visit your place one of these days.
    Best wishes

  19. annik avatar
    annik Dec 27, 2013

    magnifique travail!!!!

  20. olimpia avatar
    olimpia Mar 13, 2015


  21. Helen Nock avatar
    Helen Nock Jul 23, 2016

    Thank you

  22. gina avatar
    gina Sep 21, 2016

    Ilove your works, wonderfull, gorgeus !! love it

  23. Helen Nock avatar
    Helen Nock Sep 22, 2016

    Thanks Gina :)

  24. morag avatar
    morag May 25, 2017

    fantastic work! you didnt by any chance create a piece of work on Canna?

  25. Helen Nock avatar
    Helen Nock Jun 16, 2017

    Thank you. No. Alas :)

  26. Shirley avatar
    Shirley Feb 20, 2018

    Wow!What a treasure find on facebook! Absolutely stunning I have no words! love your