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Garden furniture: 'Somerset Series'
Materials: terracotta, glass and ceramic on a hot-dip galvanised, traditionally wrought iron base. Size:
table 90 cm dia x 70 cm h, chairs 100 cm high x approx 50 cm width.
A play on classical mosaic design, but with a freer placing of tesserae and using intarzia method where glass and other material is 'inlaid' into the main body as opposed to mosaic on top. The encapsulation results in a unique quality to the appearance and texture. The main body is made from reclaimed red brick roof tiles originally manufactured in Bridgewater, Somerset, and includes sea worn brick, stained and sea glass and shipwreck pottery. The table and chair metal is very substantial in width and weight. A chair weighs approximately 12 kg, and this table around 45 kg including the base.

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Shingle Dreaming Collection 024

Shingle Dreaming Collection 020

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