Garden tables from:
£750     60 cm / bistro size diameter;
£950     70 cm diameter;
£1150   75 cm diameter;
£1500   80 cm diameter;
£2200   90 cm diameter.

Table prices above are for organic simple surfaces: mainly slate with some inclusions.  More detailed, or custom-themed work is priced additionally.  Please bear in mind that an 85 cm diameter table is nearly double the weight and surface work of a 60 cm.

Seating prices are fixed for matching seat bases. These include a plain slate surface or a small motif to echo the table design. Stools can also stand alone as small occasional tables. More detailed designs on stools are additional. Tables are approx 70 cm high and stools 45 cm high.

Ladder-back chairs: £560
Spiral-back chairs: £660

Stools to match table commissions: £350

Bespoke stool-table: £480

Stools are very substantial measuring 39/41 cm diameter.
Sculpture: POA

Bird Baths from £720

Estimates supplied without obligation and include rough design sketches where applicable.

Delivery is normally via pallet courier, although individual smaller items from stool tables and wall works, and other smaller works are delivered by parcel service.  A standard quarter pallet and packing costs £80 at time of writing, and can hold an 85 cm dia table and two chairs or four stools. I use reclaimed and biodegradable packing, and supply prepaid envelope for return of ratchet straps.

Image shows motif on an individually designed stool-table.

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