Slate, glass, ceramic, bone and galvanised wrought iron
40 x 95 longcm x 50 cm
'Walkabout', garden bench
The primitive quality of this design combined with the central spine and animated looking legs inspired it's title. Walkabout is mainly covered in Grey and Rosemary slate sections. The textured spine is embedded using slate, chunks of sea glass, ceramic tile, bone and stone. The glass inclusion is echoed in a tiny detail on one edge end-on mosaic-ed to a thick section of inserted glass. The surface is set on to a double layer of concrete board and the edge is covered in end-on slate sections to complete a harmonious looking and sturdy finish. I forged the base traditionally from flat and round steel bar. It is galvanized acid-etched and lacquered.

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'Walkabout' garden bench
'Walkabout' garden bench

'Walkabout' garden bench

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