Sample selection of 2D and Digital work.  

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  1. tania corbett avatar
    tania corbett Mar 24, 2011

    gorgeous….(saw your link on artists web forum page, and followed through), glad i did. very beautiful work, inspriring to see a wide range of mediums used with such confidence. thank you!

  2. Justin avatar
    Justin Jul 5, 2011

    Very nice work. I love the way you paint…I am also a pretty big cat fan…and thank you for the reply on the forum.

  3. CC Berg avatar
    CC Berg Sep 3, 2016

    I love your work and followed the links. I am an art student at 59 years old after a career as a nurse for 35 years. I started my BFA at 17 but did not finish. I did not have the confidence then nor the focus.
    Please tell me what computer program you did you digital work in. I LOVE them. Sincerely, CC Berg. Grand Rapids, MI

  4. Helen Nock avatar
    Helen Nock Sep 11, 2016

    Dear CC,

    I use both ArtRage, which is excellent for painting apps, and a very old Photoimpact editing suite.  You might find the latter as a free download.

    Best wishes
    for your next endeavors…desire is the main thing.  Try not to worry about the confidence is far too short at our stage in the proceedings:)