stained glass mosiac and bronze effect painting on resin cast pig sculpture
life size
Pig in Clover decorated sculpture at the Assembly Rooms in Bath
'Pig in Clover' I was sponsored to decorate a life-size pig for the King Bladud' Pigs in Bath public art project. See news page for more info and link to KBP site. Scroll down for more views including subsequent mini-pig versions made to order....Pig in Clover outside Assembley Rooms in BathPig in Clover sold for £6,800 at the Grand Pig Auction raising funds for SUSTRANS Two Tunnels Project. See Pig gallery coming soon. He is shown here at the end of a summer of hard work. Like all the pigs, he gained lots of attention!'Pig in Clover' at St Pancras (Not)Wonderful image of Pig in Clover at St Pancras Station, London created by Quartzgryphon
Pig in Clover: detail featuresPig in Clover: detail featuresPig in Clover in progress
Mini pig: Pig in Clover version, IMini pig: Pig in Clover version, IIHeaven's Above

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  1. julie avatar
    julie Jul 1, 2011

    I absolutely love your wonderful art and especially your use of unusual found material. Your pig is fantastic, In one view,  he looks like he is in a hurry, on a mission to get somewhere, lol.
    I use china, metal, jewelry, and anything else I might find in a dumpster for my mosaics, Hate to waste and love to recycle.  Your work very inspiring and now I will start on my table and finally use up some old tile I have. happy I found your web site.  art rules! keep up the great work.