slate and stained glass - detail
0.0cm x 0.0cm
From Lin Schorr's private collection. Photo courtesy of Lin Schorr, 2009
Mosaic maestro, Lin Schorr created a collaborative project to produce four huge mosaic murals to donate to a cardiac hospital in Michigan. Myself and fifty nine other artists across the globe were invited to make and contribute a section to the final panel, designed and assembled by Lin. I was involved the Heartistry mural project, the fourth of the series. The next image shows my donation. Click on this for the link to Lin's Heartistry blog, and her beautiful website.
The main image above is a detail view of my small gift to Lin for the opportunity to participate.

Helen Nock 019

Helen Nock - wonderfully rugged slate & glass work

Helen Nock - isn't this beautiful!

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