Fun little distillations inspired by my larger work. Often, they inspire me right back. The jewelry is mounted on base metal blanks, unless stated sterling silver, or other. Surface designs are adhered keeping the price low. Sterling silver or gold settings available by request.
Dress rings are not for working in or immersing in water; or for small children.
The glass edges are finely de-burred to avoid scratching and catching. Genuine hand-made Smalti glass gives unique buttery cut finish - not sharp like standard glass, and the designs often include 24 kt gold Smalti: gold leaf trapped in two layers of glass with or without a coloured glass surface.

Postage is free standard to UK mainland.  Scroll on postage bar for options including International tracked and standard.

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  1. Angie Markham avatar
    Angie Markham Oct 6, 2016

    Very beautiful and so original.

  2. Helen Nock avatar
    Helen Nock Oct 13, 2016

    Thanks Angie :)