Slate and glass with forged stainless steel scrolls on traditionally forged metal bases.
72 cm x 70 cm
Sunflower Design Garden Table and Chairs
Stained glass petals surround end on positioned glass rod sections mixed with cut cubes of sea glass and micro chips of coloured glass. A sunflower or flowers indicated in some way on the surface plus cobalt blue, were the main criteria. I incorporated the blue using different hues from green range through warmer tones to cobalt to soften the contrast between sharper yellows and greens in the main glass section, and the organic quality of the natural slate. Single sections of deeply set clear glass and tiny glass rods provide additional glimmer in different light conditions. A large chunk of pale aqua sea glass embedded in the side surrounded by a stainless steel scroll heightens the visual and textural experience plus adds weight to balance that area.. The surrounding slate design traps the central flower suggesting a large flower surface overall. See a video of the completed table below.

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