50cm x 72cm
Deeply embedded glass pebbles in the bath basin
catch light and water movement beautifully. The rim is composed of multiple sections of cut slate and glass. Some glass sections are partially clear reflecting splashes of colour on light ground positions. The largest level area of slate on the rim has slithers of inserted glass uprights shedding colour across the surround in slaking sunlight. The sea glass edge detail is framed and protected by a nickel plated staple, cold-forged out of a spoon handle.

'Splash' bird bath

"Splash": sculptural bird bath

Bird bath basin interior - reverse method

Splash Bird Bath in slate, glass and metal, 2011

And an interesting little video of the basin process.......

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  1. jane Petterson avatar
    jane Petterson Aug 10, 2011

    Oh, Helen,

    Me and my daughters are looking at this glorious, spectacular work of art. Seriously, how much is shipping to Canada?

    All or love,

    Jane and family

  2. Alexandra avatar
    Alexandra Aug 15, 2011


    Hello. I have come across your website as I have been searching for many years for a beautiful glass bird bath and hence have seen yours here.  Could you possibly make contact so I can discuss comission work, cost etc? 

    Many Thanks

    Alexandra Dunning