Slate, distressed stained glass
42 x 18 x 2.5
Light Blessings, Arrow-slit design stained glass window feature for exterior wall
Stained glass and slate mosaic window panel back-lit by sunlight glowing through rear. Scroll down for full front view and description of work.
'Light Blessing' Arrow-slit design window feature inset for exterior wall

1.3.2010 003
1.3.2010 002

inset 002 This image picks up the hidden surprises within the range of glass.

Slate, terracotta, distressed stained glass, sea glass, mirror glass and shipwrecked pottery micro details.
The stained glass is mosaiced end- on to clear glass pane. The glazed panel is set between two layers of slate, back and front with weather proof mortars. The edges of the stained glass is rough cut and distressed (not sharp) to integrate with the raw and rugged slate surface......until it is lit up from behind. Transient effects of light through the rear of the stained glass panel create beautiful, surprise encounters that change accordingly with the light conditions and time of day. These designs are new and highly unique. They are sturdy and weather proof; can be incorporated onto double glazed panels for an interior outside wall and commissioned in a range of sizes and design prefs.

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  1. Hanuman Zhang avatar
    Hanuman Zhang May 26, 2011

    Truly intriguing work.